I’ve got the whole wide world in… a tin box

… but not just any tin box. Two shiny new retro vintage fabulous tin boxes which I picked up at my favorite little gift store in Munich: the Doppler Shop

To say that I love to travel is an understatement. If I had only one wish in life, it would be that I live enough years, and stay fit enough, to see the entire world. Every corner, every crevice, every shiny chaotic city and every quaint little side street in all the villages in-between… Traveling deeply from place to place, discovering the intricacies of someone’s home.

I appreciate the sense of being lost in a foreign land. Of not having a plan and not having a schedule. Of not being known. I crave the sense of becoming acquainted with a new and mysterious culture. Experiencing different languages: spoken and unspoken alike.

I am a collector of many things. Mostly memories and tastes, which is why I love photography as much as I love being in the kitchen. And so, when I travel someplace I collect the cards and napkins of restaurants which left an impression on me, or ticket stubs to historical sites which one day may no longer be… things which remind me of a place, a time, a sensation, an emotion…






Do you collect things when you travel? if so, what and where do you keep it…

Passports & Pamplemousse around the world

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