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Featured in:

Stumbling Upon Happiness 20 Pumpkin Recipes (September 2013)

SortrachenCold Days Warm Recipes (September 2013)

Best Friends for FrostingCooking with Pumpkin (October 2013)

The KitchnDelicious Links (November 2013)

Better Health Washington – A Healthy Thanksgiving (November 2013)

In Honor of DesignHoliday Mulled Wine (December 2013)

In Honor of DesignLamingtons (January 2014)

Germany JaTying the Knot (March 2014)

Couch Magazine Germany – Blog Tip of the Week (December 2013)

blog tip of the week for passports and pamplemousse dez13

Collaborations with:

Around this World – Travel Photo Roulette (Winner for #62. Theme: Mountains)

AfterGlobeChristmas Traditions Around the World

Waegook TomLove locks Around the World

My Travel AffairsFriday Lens Affair #43

Military in Germany – Top 5 Christmas Markets in Germany

Nomad is Beautiful Mindful and Beautiful Places

Suitcase Stories – Travel Bloggers tell all: Our Favorite Places

The TravelusterTravel Bloggers share their most Romantic Destinations for Valentines Day

Chasing the DonkeyAustralia vs. Croatia

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