This is a memoir about two of the three greatest loves in my life: FOOD and TRAVEL.

But not just any food. And not just any ole’ travel. I was born with wanderlust. At the age of 1 I had my first passport (still in my possession) and at the age of 2 I had my first visa: to Australia. Since then I have been lost in the amazement of distant places, the people that are connected to them, the road that took me there, the traditions we shared, and the food I ate.

My adventures have taken me across 5 continents and over 40 countries. I’ve lived and worked in 7 of those (and counting). Home is everywhere yet nowhere in particular.

When I am not engaging in mischief abroad, I am enjoying cuisine of all kinds, trying to re-create recipes and master my own. And where does a Pamplemousse come in, you may ask? When I moved to Belgium it was the only word I knew. I didn’t even know how to say my name, but I did know how to say “grapefruit” in French. And this was the start to many a prêter à confusion!

I hope the stories and recipes inspire you to get out there and experience the wild and wonderful places & kitchens this world has to offer*

Copyright notice. All content (both written and photographic) from the Passports & Pamplemousse blog is the sole property of the author and may not be reproduced or redistributed, in whole or in part, without written permission from the author. Enquiries may be sent to kindreddish [at] gmail [dot] com. (not linked to prevent spam) Thank you, your cooperation is appreciated.

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