German Rotkohl – Braised Red Cabbage

Rotkohl, or braised red cabbage is a German staple and I like to add a few special ingredients to spice up the taste. This dish is easy to prepare and the secret is that: it tastes better re-heated the next day, making it an excellent dish to prepare ahead of time. It reminds me of home, it reminds me of Christmas, and it reminds me of snowy evenings with family & friends.

Passports & Pamplemousse Rotkohl rotkohl recipe by Passports and Pamplemousse

rotkohl by passports and pamplemousse

the +/- ratios simply mean that the amount depends on the size of your cabbage. Much of it is a matter of taste. I prefer to add a little more cinnamon than most, because I love cinnamon’s earthy flavor. It’s really up to you but these amounts are a starting guideline, based on the assumption that you have a small red cabbage! ENJOY!

Passports and Pamplemousse ROTKOHL

Passports and Pamplemousse_


8 thoughts on “German Rotkohl – Braised Red Cabbage

        1. Well I do the traditional grandma water-bath method where you boil the glass jars to sterilize them, and then boil them once filled (with lid on of course). This is a bit tricky though and the lids don’t always ALL “pop”, making some jars unsafe (well, you have to leave them in the fridge for a week or two only). But it’s worth a try. There is preserving equipment out there to make it easier 🙂

  1. GORGEOUS blog, Eva! Do you share your photography secrets, methods, camera hints, etc.? I’m in the market for something better than my little point and shoot Canon. The recipe looks sublime, too, by the way! I’ll share this!

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