Fresh Fig and Goat Cheese Appetizer with Vanilla Honey

Fresh figs are in season and they are simply glorious. Once a symbol of prosperity and peace, they were deemed to be a sacred fruit. There are hundreds of different varieties of figs in hues of purple, blue, and even white…

I love using fresh figs in the kitchen, whether it be as a sauce, a garnish, with ice cream, in cakes or salads…

My favorite summer-time appetizer is a fig platter, with crumbled goat cheese, and wonderful vanilla or lavender-infused honey drizzled on top… with a finish of fine high-quality Italian balsamic vinegar… and a side of warm freshly cooked Pan de Chapa

To prepare, simply tear the figs open gently and garnish –

This fresh platter could also be made with walnuts, or blue cheese to substitute the goat cheese. A side of thinly sliced prosciutto creates a wonderful pairing for non-vegetarian guests…

When purchasing lavender honey, try to avoid honey’s that are infused with lavender “aroma”. A high-quality lavender honey from France will not be cheap, but it will certainly be worth it.

A vanilla honey can be made at home! Purchase your favorite honey. Slice open a bourbon Tahitian vanilla pod, carefully extracting the seeds with a sharp knife, and adding them to the honey jar. Infuse the opened vanilla pods for extra flavor and let this sit for a few good weeks…

passportsandpamplemoussefig2 (2)


passportsandpamplemoussehoney (2)

Passports & Pamplemousse - Epicuriosity

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